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: ))))))))))

OMG!!!! I JUST GOT MY COMP BACK AND I'M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED! it fucking crashed and i was soooo pissed then i did the whole ordering another one and then they sent me one and it was the wrong one then they had to send it back and i had to call them then they sent me yet ANOTHER one and that one had a big ass dent on the side of it and i had to call them again finally (muhhaaawwaaaa) they sent the right one....finally i miss talking to ya people espically my homegirl musicislife! hey babe i missed ya terribly! omg! dude mencia broke it off yet again and i'm single! i'm talking to this dude...yes dude his name is bam...well mike but his buddies call him bam...i'll put a pic up later don't feel like it now but at least i'm back!!! i missed you guys!!!!!! well ttyl loves xoxo

Sep. 16th, 2006

okay this whole message goes out to musicislife cause she's my wifey and i love her to death! she wanted to see jamie and there he is i can't see which goes first while i'm writting this but i do know one is when he's getting drunk flipping me off in my mushroom chair and the one is one with him and his lover mason mason needless to say is the man in the relationship but i love him to death also and the other is just plain jamie so musicislife there ya go doll! well ttyl good luck with homework and tell all ya homegirls i said hello message me back keep the faith hugs kisses and deathwishes love xoxo kelci

me and mencia

hey guys thats mencia isn't she perfect so as some of you know me and sarah broke it off and thats my new lover i love her to death! and shes great in bed hehehe :> sorry had to say it! well thats enough for tonight i don't really feel good man i had a freakin dentist app. and now i feel sick to my stomach so i'm gonna go find something to ease the pain well keep the faith as frankie would say hugs kisses and deathwishes xoxo kelci

when me and sarah mop met on christmas last year we met at a christmas party and we took a picture together isn't she fucking perfect....TEARS! i miss her so much but i have someone to talk to now so music this goes out to you xoxoxoxo much love cheeka xoxxokelci

Jul. 22nd, 2006

umm lets see here its been like forever since i've updated but i've been busy...seriously i've had a family reunion to go to (kids galore) 5 million dentists app. and doctors app. ummm working, sarah, yeah about that...me and sarah are having little problems here and there... NO WERE NOT FUCKING WORKING OUT OKAY! sorry i had to let that out i love that girl and she's been blowing me off a lot lately and its really fucking pissing me off! i try talking to her about it but she says she's doing nothing wrong and says that "she doesn't want to hear it"... what the hell am i supposed to do? make her listen? i can't do that to sarah mop! i love her to much to force her to do something! i'm just like a scared little kid yall! i've never acted like this in a relationship before i need advice!! DR.PHIL ANYONE!!!! xoxo kelci

i'm bored

lets see here theres absolutly nothing to do in sd like seriously me and sarah haven't seen much of each other b/c i've been working like alot and its driving me crazy i went out to eat with jamie the other day he's really nice and he's gay!! hehehe his boyfriend dumped him and he's really depressed so friday he's coming over to meet sarah and were going to show him a good time (hopefully) maybe go and party or something who knows! well peeps i'm gonna go now and remember ** the body is an envelope for the soul** ~stephen king~ xoxo kelci


lets see thats me with my friend lizzie and my ex bf...yes i used to be bi but now i'm strickly sarah hehehe were still friends though! i love lizzie though she kix ass!!! well peeps figured i'd post since i havent in like a week i think....yea sure well i'm out hehehe xoxo kelci

okay i got pissed because the other pic i did of this one didn't show up for more than an hour...i went to look at kelsi's journal come back and fucking POOF! gone just like that shit! well gotta go peeps me and sarah mop are going for a ciggie run! gotta go xoxo : ()

Jun. 20th, 2006

hehehe! ^^^thats stephen hes my buddy sarah mop is his sister...he loves me though and i loves him to...these were taken last weekend at sarahs house he invited some friends over and me and sarah got wasted and him and his brothers were video taping us making out...weird i know but i took these before he fell down pissed ass drunk lol

hehehe maybe this one will work? ^ thats my lover sarah...i call her sarah mop cause i love her so much <3 xoxoxoxo kelci