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Didi My Doe


31 October
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hi my name is kelci, i am 18 and a pretty laid back person, i'm from south dakota and i love living in the city! i am a lesbian and am very open with it : ) i love anybody and everybody i'm easy to get along with i live with my dad b/c my mom left when i was 12 and i haven't seen the bitch since lol well i shouldn't ramble on about myself but to tell ya the truth music and my lovers run my life thats about it for me xoxo kelci
a7x, afi, aiden, any slash's, atreyu, black flag, blink, brandon, fftl, frank iero hello!, friends with huge hearts, gerard way! umm bert, hh, lovers, mcr, mistfits, new punk, nfg, old punk, panic!, quinn, ramones, soty, the clash, the sex pistols, the smiths, the used, umm music